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On a day like this....

It´s this  time of the year when a lot of birds are chirping , tweeting and singing. 
You can hear them early morning in our area and sometimes throughout the day.

Ahhhh, this suffering of having bad weather!!!
 Yes, we are confronted with bad weather 
since days. But, the farmers 
need the rain. Only thing is... too bad that it´s so cold and the  
flowers of fruit trees are being damaged by the unrelenting frost

We must go out rain or shine everyday to walk Lily....yes, on a day like this we must!
But such walk with the dog gets us to move, go out into the fields to have fresh air 
and at the same time collect wildflowers for my vases. 

And it´s on a day like this when the weather is cold and rainy that I´d rather stay home and do a 
bit of cocooning, enjoy hot tea or coffee and read a novel,  do crafts  and many more. 

On a day like this, I arrange wildflowers I collected from the dog walk...

And on a rainy day like this, the flowers tend to shy-away from blooming.

Poor tulips in my garden could not open-up because it´s cold...

The petals were devastated from constant rain...
I feel sad for these tulips because they already started growing nicely when it was 
warmer last March and beginning of April. Well, there is a german saying that goes like this :

"...April, April, er macht was er will  "  

April does whatever it wants.. meaning, the weather in April is unpredictable, 
sunny now, rainy the following day and frosty the next...! 

Have a nice weekend !!!

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