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the night gown project...

Here it is, my night gown project finally done and photographed! I have been postponing to post this album , I just didn´t have the time to take photos...

The concept of this is a combination of crochet top and fabric for the body.. Although I intended to make this as a night gown, summer night gown actually, I could wear this also as house dress or even go food shopping in it. 

The granny squares totalled 20 squares all in all and 
are joined together by crocheting a single stitch at the back of each piece.

I have no pattern  always, I just crocheted

 each round and it developed into a square just like any other granny square design.. I made 8 petals  and the rest is just experimenting... 

All in all, I crochetd &  joined 20 squares, each of which were crocheted during my train rides to work

This is how the top part looked like after joining the pieces

One square each for one way train direction or 25 minutes to finish one piece.

I used 3 vintage buttons that came from old buttons handed over to me by hubby´s grandma...see my Vintage mother of pearl collection here...

The mother of pearl buttons used  have been produced by hubby´s relatives before WW II.  It was a vocation an uncle have had where he made art pieces from those shells...

I made the closure using the same crochet thread I used for the square.

I joined the fabric and the lace by sewing them together... the normal way..

 This can be worn on both sides.

The crocheted top part made the dress look romantic...

That´s about for now, hope this dress will give 
 you an inspiration for your next project.