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Rhubarb Strawberry Tart

There are so many articles featuring rhubarbs these days, I guess it´s because now is its season. Frankly, I haven´t really cooked or baked them... Oma, hubby´s grandma supplied us with her delicious  rhubarb jams and marmalades or even compote that she made herself.  
While food shopping, I stumbled upon them  in my supermarket and the idea of making a tart out of the stalks got me excited. I brought home a Kilo of the stalks and well, I hadn´t even started the baking part yet  and I was already nervous ´cause I was trying this for the first time.
 After a few google researches on how to prepare  them, I concluded that rhubarbs can be cooked with sugar even without  adding water . I slowly cooked the
pieces for about 15 minutes til soft and done.
Here´s my recipe....

Rhubarb Strawberry Tart

Ingredients for the pastry
500 g all purpose Flour
30 g Sugar
a dash of salt,
200 g Butter chopped into small squares,
1 Tbsp Table Vinegar,
10 Tbsp cold water
Ingredients for the Fillings:
 250 grams curd cheese
2 cups sliced strawberries (cut lengthwise)
1 kg rhubarbs diced into 2 cm cubes
1 Cup + 3 tbsp fine granulated sugar 
1 pack Vanilla sugar or 1/2 tps. vanilla extract
1 tbsp corn starch
1/2 cup soft strawberry marmalade
1 medium egg

 Preparing the  Pastry:

In a container, mix all pastry ingredients as in above, knead well until dough is smooth and can be formed into a ball.
 Divide the dough into two, or put each in a plastic bag  and let them stand in the fridge for 2 hours....
Roll- out 1 dough onto a floured surface, using the rolling pin, flatten it  and  shape the dough according to the baking form you are using..let the flat dough cover the whole tart form. Set them aside for filling later.


 Preparing the Rhubarb:
Cut both ends of each stalk, wash rhubarbs and cut stalks into 2-3 cm pieces.
Sprinkle the  sugar all over the rhubarbs and add the vanilla extract, the corn flour, mix thoroughly with your hand until the pieces are well coated, let stand for 
30 minutes...
Put the rhubarb pieces in a casserole and cook slowly under low fire for about 15 minutes until  liquid comes out and  the pieces become soft and done... Be careful in stirring the pieces so that the rhubarbs do not crumble.
When rhubarbs are done, remove & place the pieces in a colander with a container underneath it to extract the excess liquid, saving the juice.
Extracted rhubarb juice can be added to apple juice to make a cold drink , I tried it and  I shoud say it ís very refreshing!


Place the  rhubarb in a container, carefully adding the sliced strawberries.
 Add 3 tbsps of soft strawberry marmalade. Mix carefully with a spatula until pieces are well coated with the marmalade. 



In a container, beat 1 egg,  add the curd cheese and the 3 tbsp sugar, mix thoroughly,
Place the egg curd mixture onto the prepared pastry form spreading it evenly on the surface. Add the rhubarb strawberry on top and scatter remaining marmalade on top of it....
I had a few extra slices of strawberries that I added on top of the tart before putting
on the pastry "grid" below,

Roll-out the 2nd dough , by using pizza roller/cutter, cut the pastry into strips to cover the tart top alternately like grids. Brush the grids with a battered egg white prepared beforehand to make it golden brown during the baking 

 Place the tart on the lower rack of your oven and bake in a preheated oven of 200 °C for the first 15 minutes then lower the oven heat to 180 °C and bake for more 25 minutes til the crust gets brown. and crispy


  This can be served warm or cold....

I´ve added whipped cream, strawberry and  marmalade as toppings, and this tart was a success!!!



  1. Yum, Yum, looks so delish and sounds like a great recipe!
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    1. Thanks Jemma and also thank you for stopping by... wish I could join your Marvelous Mondays more often.. I´ll see you soon on your blog, have a great evening.... Mercy

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    1. Thank you so much Jenny,I´d like to keep in touch with your great blog..... thanks for being such a nice Host.

  3. Beautiful tart. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing with my at Swap N Share Sunday
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    1. Hi Dawn, would like to thank you for hosting the party, I had fun seeing all those postings by others and get to know théir Blogs too..Hope you´re having a great time.... Mercy