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Hello friends!
I hope your weather is fine and not as crazy as ours, it´s so cold here 
in Vienna at almost  0°C in the morning.... it was even snowing  yesterday !!! 
In many Aprils ago, as far as I could remember, we were already 
sweating,  wearing shorts and T-shirts at this time of the month and 
enjoying the sun gardening in our backyard.

And because there weren´t much to do with this kind of weather, staying home
is the safer solution except that we have to walk Lily rain or shine.

Walking Lily gives me the chance to pick flowers ...any wildflowers that 
are available in our path..

 The 1st pic above shows wild lilacs I got from one of my walks with her.
I thought of putting them in those three blue bottles and arranged in
a row... do you love this style of arranging flowers?

And oh!.... those are mineral water bottles from our fave chinese restaurant in 
Southern Spain.  I love its pastel blue color so I brought them along to Vienna.
 I think that this is an 
amazing color contrast to the beautiful shades of the  
lilacs, know what I mean?!

These beautiful inexpensive ceramic eggs were found at the Saturday 
flea market for just a fraction of a cost. Hubby and I collect them.



The other day, I decorated this dull wall in the kitchen with some vintage plates
I've been keeping for a long time..the one on top right is actually
an oil painting of fruits  from hubby´s grandma.   I temporarily included it 
to complete the structure of the display until I find a ceramic plate 
that matches the whole scheme.

The figurines were made out of salt dough and are souvenir we got in Cyprus.

This week,  I also cooked this super yummy and delicious chinese  
noodles called Pancit Canton. It is always a mainstay of food at home and it 
tastes much better than the ones delivered right at your door. 
You can get my recipe here

These blooms were the first wildflowers I picked along a field near the 
golf course in our area.. I´m not even sure what the name is, 
I tried to google its name but I didn´t  find anything. 
Would you know how this is called?

Also this week, I started a new quilt that I ´ll be making into
pillowcases... I´ll keep you posted on the progress...

And lastly, because we didn´t have the sun and it´s still 
raining in our area, this tulip is still not opening since 4 days! 
We´re still waiting, waiting, waiting for the sun!

TGIF is coming up, enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for being here!

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