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The First Lilacs of Spring 2017

They are just too early to bloom this year. It must have been the mild
weather that we´re  experiencing the last two months.

As far as I can remember, they come around the beginning of May, 
right on time before Mother´s Day.

We are lucky to be living near the borders of  Vienna and the Marchfeld Area in
Lower Austria were so many lilac bushes are available. It´s  where the 
Marchfelder farmers planted some of these lilacs in a row as blockers for 
harsh wind that could destroy their crops.

Lilacs would look lovely in any vases .... in the above photo, I used a 
crystal vase that made the blooms look elegant... whereas, the ceramic vase below
enhances a more rustic garden look...

I think I will have more reasons to gather more of these amazing flowers   
and make more beautiful arrangements. 
More updates will surely come along the way, I´ll cross my fingers. 

I hope you like the lilac arrangement I made for this blog.  

Thanks for dropping by !



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