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Quick Summer Bouquets & A Visiting Cat



A visit to our local garden center prompted me to make this floral arrangement for my garden table... Actually, I just wanted to get some soil for the newbies I want to plant in my potted garden. 

I just coudn´t resist looking at what was offered in the Center...gorgeous blooms, flowers of  various colors and shapes.... Food for the Soul!

And so I went home with three small pots of flowers!!! 
 It didn´t take so much effort to make an arrangement... I simply left the potted flowers in its soil and  distributed them inside the basket from one edge to another so that they would look like freshly arranged as a bouquet.

A few twigs of  ivy & roses in 2 smaller glasses with water were added  to  the basket  to give height for the arrangement.
 I water them everyday and new buds keep on coming. 
Last weekend,  I spontaneously gathered the above red poppies and wild blue flowers sprouting from the wheat fields of our biking route.  I used the handpainted vase you see above  to hold them..
 I think the vase suited perfectly to the wild flowers because of the design´s similarity of colors to the flowers.. pretty vase isn´t it?
But then....... something fatal happened!
 Philip, our neighbour´s  visiting cat.... jumped from the top of  the pergola down to the table where the vase was standing and  hit the vase!
 Down went the vase to the tiled floor and broke...
Oh my!!!.... my vintage  vase  from Grandma is gone! But thank God, Philip was fine.
 He felt so guilty ....just look at those eyes, see it from the looks of
his face, LOL!
I was not mad, it was  just a vase.....besides,  Philip is a good
 being who always amuses us everytime he visits the garden....
 I pencil draw him once some years back....  just for fun!

Hope you are having a nice weekend.... Enjoy it!