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past challenges - minerals & copper

Sharing with you a few of the jewelries I made out of minerals and copper.
 Minerals are fun to work with. It is one of the crafts that I enjoy making
because you can finish a piece in just one sitting and you see the
results right away

The Malachite I used in this necklace came from Nigeria.
I just added more and bought the smaller ones in Vienna.

 Lapis lazuli and corals.
The corals were from another necklace that I dismantled and included
here as a contrast to the blue tones of Lapis lazuli..

Sponge corals 
The pendant was discovered in a flea market and I used it to add
 character  to this necklace.

Various agate, tiger´s eye, and other minerals

The main material was found at a bazaar in Spain, dismantled  and I used copper
to connect each piece... I made the closure out of copper wire too.


This was an experimental work, I was trying to create a unique piece by
 turning and hammering the wire....
 I guess, it turned out beautifully, if I may say so.
 That´s just about for now, I hope everyone´s enjoying the Weekend!

Til next,


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