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More Glass Coasters - Holiday Over

 Hello everyone!

It feels good to be back home after a month of being away....although home sweet home, the freezing temperatures here in Vienna make me want to go away for another holiday.  We were blessed with a wonderful weather in Spain as from day one and I was able to scout for some craft materials for a few  projects I wanted to do. I was also able to crochet some glass coasters like the ones above which I will be giving away to promote my page at I´m still preparing the technicalities of the give-aways and will let you all know when it´s ready just in case you´re interested to join in.

These are the pearl crochet yarns that I have discovered at a local chinese store in our area...there are so many chinese shops emerging in Malaga the last 3 years, you can find threads that they sell off at a fraction of a cost....but, one has to look for the quality of the thread...

The yarns I used for the coasters above were brought along in my suitcase, I was afraid to have dull moments during my holiday..... so hooks, books, mp3 player  were also packed  and  voila, the result got me finishing 27 glass coasters.

Almost all of them were crocheted while watching TV,  and I´m glad that I have made many. A girlfriend secured the set of oranges that would fit her dessert plates...I guess, they would look lovely and would give  her spanish stone table that vibrant look when she serves coffee and cake the next time around.

 I´m really glad to be back here and am wishing you all  a nice time.

Thank you for reading this blog and hope to see you here soon!

Til next,