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Glass Coasters

I make my glass coasters whenever I have the chance to crochet them...during train rides, waiting at the doctor´s, etc.. It´s a craft that is easy to do and requires not much 
materials, just hook and thread and it´s easy to carry yarn everywhere you go...

When I visited my Mom last December, this craft rekindled my interest when my set of coasters that I made 3 decades back where still there... So when my holiday was over, I took a couple along  to make new ones. A coaster for a normal glass would take about 30 -45 minutes to finish depending on its design.

These reds were requested by a friend for the upcoming Christmas 2012, I also have greens to pair  these reds with.

The shot of these coasters in group doesn´t show its real shade, and that´s because of the lack of daylight,  but  their original color is more or less shown in the single coaster shots shown above . .                                                                                                                

That´s it for today...I hope you´re having a nice lazy Sunday. 
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