Challenging Arts & Crafts

a dog walk and another wildflower bouquet...

This small strip of land along the Marchfeld Kanal is what I call "nature at its best". 
This area  is actually hidden and only a few locals know the place as well as 
hobby fishers trying to make a catch for the day. We used to walk 
Ako here (my rottie)  and now it´s  Lily´s turn.

Lily as it seems, is afraid of the water for she has seen it for the first time in her life. 
She wouldn´t even come near the bank and would refuse to move by means 
of sitting down on the spot as her protest!

My mom in-law went to a special home and Lily can´t go with her so 
we have to take care of this spoiled but 
lovable brat. LOL!

It´s lovely to come here, so peaceful and is 100% untouched nature. 
The onion and potato fields are located on the slope of this area. And from there,
 you can see  part of  Vienna´s 22nd District skyline.

In June, most of the smaller wildflowers have now dried-up
and salvias are  popping out in arrays along the 
onion fields waiting to be viewed or to be picked....
and so, salvias became my materials 
for today´s bouquet!

The jug I used for this arrangement was a lucky find yesterday while  I was
combing the local flea market in our area. I think it looks 
good with the flowers in it. 

Have a good start of the week dear friends!