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Pot Gardening

Has anyone of you tried growing vegetables in pots?
Well, I´m an avid grower! It is such fun seeing your seeds grow into
bushes and harvest your own vegetables. Spring/Summer of each year is a busy time for me working on top of my terrace.

 And so every spring, I sow seeds of bell peppers/paprikas, parsley, cucumber, bitter melonor gourd, chinese cabbage, pumpkin and many more... This year, I´ve grown paksoi (chinese cabbage) salad greens, eggplants and cucumber

This was my first pumpkin harvested a couple of years ago.

The area of my terrace is small and measures about 10 sq. meters and its the part of the house that is very very hot and I literally mean very hot (!).
 Protected from strong wind, it is an ideal spot to grow vegetables and flowers in containers..

 My space is limited so I use any available containers for planting all the stuff. 

I´ve also used empty boxes of crackers for the salad greens, made my raised beds out of three hollow blocks filled with soil..The raised bed with the trellis is being used for the climbers.

The cucumber will be harvested any day from now and the eggplants are growing bigger & stronger everyday. I have reserved these eggplants for my Imam Bayildi Recipe, a stuffed eggplant version of the turkish recipe which I will be featuring in this blog.

 Happy Gardening to all!

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