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the last of Ako´s roses - Spring 2015

It was around 30°C  the last 3 days til today...
 the heat was unbearable for the yellow 
roses that some of the petals instantly 
 fell off  from its place...  

...and because of this heat, the decision was made
 to cut the blooms  and put them in vases 
so we can enjoy them more inside 
the house....

 The yellow shades of these roses varies from light
 to more creamer yellow....

 ..... the lighter ones have opened a couple of days before and  the 
creamer ones just started to completely

The cutting of the blooms today had been an  "ad hoc" 
action due to the heat... 

Ako´s rosebush grew vigorously this season and we´re
 so happy to have enjoyed so  many clusters  of 
flowers everyday and  for a couple
 of weeks.

There won´t be much roseflowers after  the 
cutting... but I´m sure, there will 
be  more next season.. any rate, I hope you have enjoyed the flowers...

Happy Friday!



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