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adorable brooches from the past...

 I remember my mom wearing various brooch sometime 
in the 60´s.  It was very fashionable  in those days.
Somehow,  I wasn´t paying attention to them 
for I was still very young to realize  it  and to cope
with  the reality. I only knew one thing and 
that was to  play, play, play!

The women in the 60´s wore A-line dresses with 
 brooch, pointed shoes (stilettos) and a nice 
handbag in one arm... 

I swear they really looked so glamourous,  
as if those fashion accessories are a must 
for every woman!!!

The brooch I´m featuring here are hand downs 
from my husband´s family. 

It was a great uncle of mom in-law´s husband 
who created these treasures before and after WW II.
He used horns or antlers to curve his pieces 
and made them into buttons or brooches and sold 
them to stores.

I guess  I´m lucky to have all 
those mother of pearl buttons that were
 all given to me . I have featured the buttons on 

Brooches made of  antlers always have the 
rustic touch particularly in the Alpine region of 
Austria and Germany. 

The locals wear  "Trachten or Dirndl" 
( traditional/national folklore dresses) plus such
 accessories for women during festive 
occassions. It became a tradion in these countries
since the  latter part of  the 
19th century !

This is a fascinating piece of jewelry!!!

And it´s  interesting to note that because 
they are antiques, there must have been many stories 
surrounding their pasts, what were the adventures and experiences 
of the lady or ladies who  wore them? 

This one here looks like a gladiator or a soldier.. 
the brooch was made of mother of pearl 
encased in a twisted metal and with a hook 
for pinning to clothing.

The brooches featured below were carved 
 from mother of pearl shells.

Flying bird

Edelweiss flower


 The top photo is a brooche with Edelweiss motif
and below is its back with its solid pin.

That´s all for now and hope you have 

enjoyed this post. 

I´m wishing you a wonderful time !!!