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A set of Simple Garden Chair Pillows

Hello everyone!
Today, I want to share the pillows I started last weekend.  I´ve been hoping that I could do this project earlier but my time really was so scarce. It has become a real luxury for me!
You know the pitfalls of a working housewife, my corporate world, my household chores, food shopping, laundry, cooking. etc etc. And since our summer is great this year, I really didn´t want to do any crafting , heat is my excuse  :-)))
Despite the heat, I really did manage to do this little project.
I used the  sponge of the old garden pillows above, ripped-off the fabric and cut it into two pieces .

Then I covered it with a batting to make the edges rounder , then I slip stitched the sides so the batting would hold the sponge´s form. Putting the sponge form on top of the green fabric saved me from making a pattern.  I cut the fabric and add 2.5 cm allow on all sides and together with the fabric strip, I carefully sew and closed the 3 sides... the 4th side was left open to slip in the sponge to the case and  should be handstitched.

I used this fabric for the backside of the pillows, it´s an english fabric which I got from a store in Malaga, Spain. By using this, I can reverse the side of the pillow whenever I get tired of the plain green as top fabric.

 I also used a strip of fabric for the border, to give accent to the contour of the pillow edges.

These green fabric might be plain in color and is rather boring.....but, I intend to make a  set of patched pillows for the back using dark & lively color....

....and so,  these are the finished pillowcases with reversible sides.
I hope that I can patch and sew the back pillows  soon before summer says goodbye, but that is another story...
Thank you all for stopping-by, hope you´re  heaving a great time!!!