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My Guest Blogger - Eva ( of Home Decor by Eva)

Hi everyone! I am Eva from Home Decor by Eva and am glad to be Mercy's guest at Challenging Arts and Crafts.

 I want to share my views on decorating with curtains, as they really help brighten up the room and of course provide late risers undisturbed sleep.
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Choosing the Right Blackout Curtains!

Blackout curtains first made their appearance during the Second World War, when showing a light at night meant giving enemy bombers a clear and inviting target. It was vital that every chink of light was concealed and that no sign of life was visible from the outside. There were even wardens who would walk around towns and villages at night to make sure that every house was tightly sealed. Following the war, and the relaxation of such rules, people opted for colourful, pretty curtains, rather than the sombre black blackout curtains.

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that we can now enjoy a fabulous variety of patterns, colours and textures in our curtains: from those with an attractive broad bottom stripe that lengthens the room and calls admiring attention to eye-catching patterns that turn heads on entry to the room. Blackout curtains from Yorkshire Linen are a good choice if looking for various colours and textures, rather than the old fashioned thick and heavy black fabrics that used to be necessary to cut out the light.

Blackout curtains have made something of a comeback, especially in countries subject to widely variable seasons. Being able to get to sleep at nine o'clock in winter is no problem, but in the height of summertime this can mean that the sun is still blazing down! Closing the curtains and casting the room into darkness is a tremendous help in being able to sleep at such an early hour! For this reason many parents use blackout curtains in their children's nurseries and bedrooms, Target has a good children s variety to help little ones get off to sleep at a good hour, rather than only after darkness has fallen. Night workers and people who work swing shifts also benefit greatly from blackout curtains, being able to shut out the daylight and get a good 'night's' sleep!

Blackout curtains generally do not only block light. Quite often the very thickness of the curtains, which generally have a thick lining as well as the thick visible fabric, can work to block out draughts and chills in extremely cold weather, and also work to muffle outside noises.

My husband used to work nights and would go to be at about seven o'clock in the morning, waking at around three or four in the afternoon. Initially, we had a pair of light blue, standard curtains, which let in a lot of light and all the noise from the neighbours! In winter, my husband could sleep fairly well, as the children tended to play indoors, and the meagre sunlight was on the other side of the house. In summer, not only did he have to contend with shouting children and roaring strimmers and lawn-mowers, he had full blazing sunshine lighting up the bedroom for most of the morning!

We got some blackout curtains as soon as we found out about them and the difference was amazing! Our bedroom was cast into complete darkness, and was so quiet that we could hear our own breathing! As our bedroom is wallpapered in pale pick textured wallpaper we chosen rich dark red fabric which adds a wonderful rosy glow to the interior! 

Blackout curtains are excellent devices as they can ensure that everyone in the home can sleep properly and deeply while at rest. Scientists have found that too much light, noise or even too great a temperature fluctuation can disturb sleep. With the wide and beautiful range of attractive blackout curtains available today, you can have your perfect interior and look after the health of your family at the same time!