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a field of sunflowers

I´ve been waiting for their buds to open.... and in today´s morning walk 
I got the chance to make some shots...

It has been raining the whole week and today, we´re
 just lucky 
and so are the sunflowers to have the sunshine..

The sunflower field is adjascent to the  gladiola field and is just a few steps away 
from our house.

It´s exciting to see the form of their buds, somehow looking great and so powerful....

....with an enormous beauty showing a bit of the yellow color, this one is ready to open..

This "marienkäfer" or lady bug ( the good bug) is a constant visitor to sunflowers... 
look at the contrast of the bug color to the yellow petals... 
the lady bug eats all the parasites found in plants..

Saturday morning is the time for my early walks to the kiosk to get the morning paper .. 
On my way back, I stopped by the sunflower field and took some pics, this is the
 early morning dew captured by my camera.

It´s so beautiful to see all the buds open up at the same time....precious golden sunny colors exploding in an open field.

Honeybees are one of the most important factors in pollinating the flowers...
 the bee population is depleting due to many environmental we must help save their population and refrain unnecessary use of chemicals..

The ladybugs seemed to be having a fiesta  here...

In Austria, there is even a ladybug grower who is renting out  the bugs to farmers.. they are most especially helpful in fighting the parasites in plants because they eat these insects that damages the vegetables grown inside the tents.
 Some farmers do not use chemicals to eradicate the parasites that damages their crops.

This is actually not the typical sunflower fields found in the outskirts of  Vienna... These sunflowers are grown for those who would love to cut their own flowers for their vases...

 Like the gladiolas, they can be cut and you pay for
 what you cut...

This last pic shows a different color of sunflower that is probably pollinated by bees.. I sometime saw an almost dark red as well as an orange one...  

Have a beautiful weekend!