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two floral arrangements and potted goodies...

I would like to think that we are lucky to be living in the border of the city.. we are close to nature. We have fields and a creek nearby as well as a small forest like area and still we are in the city.

sunflower field  is near us.... how practical it is to just cut fresh flowers from this field.. As I have mentioned before in my previous blog ..a self service cutting field is near our home, pay for what you cut.. no cashiers, no guard..

On the other hand, a field of wild goldenrods is nearby... it´s in our biking route. 
So armed with a cutter, stopped by and got a few 
stems and brought  home a bunch. 

It is important to submerge the goldenrods in a bucket full of water to remove insects,
 cut a few leaves and stem to the length to fit the vase.  

Behind this sunflowers field is our home..

I chose a vintage vase with yellow color and grey stripes, I think the vase fits to the
 yellow color of the goldenrod wonderfully..
 what do you think?

Aside from the  floral arrangements I made last Sunday, I took  shots of my container veggies. 
It´s a pity that I started too late after coming back from a four-week holiday.

It´s kind of taking too long for these peppers to become red... 
we are having  a lousy weather, although sun
 is rare, it is still hot and humid and always

The celeries are robust and do not need so much attention, I just water them everyday.

 ...and there´s my chili, I think it´s a mexican chili...I just wonder whether they are that hot!

Just a floral arrangement tip for the freshly cut 
sunflowers that I learned from the farmers:
 burn the bottom of the sunflower stem (candlelight) to prevent the milky extract from flowing out of it, then dip stem in hot water before putting in the vase... this way, the blooms will last for more than a week if you change water everyday..

Thank you for taking time to  read this blog...

Til next,


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