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spirea and its second life

It was a shock when we came back from the holiday, seeing its whole
 bush dried off completely, no sign of life...our spirea!

We would normally come back home by end of May or beginning June of each year.. ...
but we´ve had  an extended holiday in Spain and only came back in Vienna on the 3rd week of June. 

Never did I think that my spirea would still have the chance to get its life back.

Its container is actually a long narrow one facing the windows of my kitchen.
It was always a pleasure seeing this bush in summer because of the vivid deep pink 
color of the blooms...

I was about to take it off from the container where it was once planted...but I didn´t give up. 
I just let it stand there until a miracle happened..

I removed it´s dried branches and leaves and water it everyday and add fertilizer, that´s all
 it needed and four days after,  it begun to show the first sprouts...
 I was so happy!!!

.... and to date I always water it when I come home from work.  As you can see, the clusters are so beautiful and inspiring
 now.   It only goes to show that we should never  give up  hope so 
 easily on a thing!