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container gardening - 2015

Hello everyone!

It´s the time of the year that my top terrace turns into a sea of greens... 
It´s where I have my container plants, mostly 
vegetables. I love to garden here and it´s 
a safe area, free from slugs!

Now that it´s very hot in our city, my container veggies are all thriving vigorously.

I planted three dozens of salad greens and they 
are now ready for harvesting anytime... 
Year after year,  I grow them in cracker containers 
and they seem to love this 
kind of  culture in pots.

For the first time, I´m growing Hokkaido squash,  these small ones are 
very aromatic and sweet in taste.. Two seasons ago, 
I grew a real big squash that weighed almost 10 kilos
 as you can see  in the pic below... 

You can see how it developed  into a 10 kilo 
squash here.

And so, I´m just in the beginning of the Hokkaido squash growing 
which I hope would yield plenty of squash to harvest..

I sowed around a dozen green beans and this is also a first time for me. 
They are just so easy to grow!

Zucchini is also in the program this season and I´m enjoying to see the first fruit.

The raspberry bush was planted last summer and true to what the gardener 
at the garden center said that it will start bearing 
fruits one year after...

My strawberries come and go... it´s this particular worm that eats-up the 
shoot of the mother plant... and I´m glad that this time, 
the shoots survived from last year and even developed newbies...

As I have 3 dozens of empty cracker containers, I planted each with one salad green 
and the result is just good enough for one salad head..

I grow parsley from seeds and it´s always fun to see them becoming bigger especially 
when new life emerges out of the seeds sown til they show the first leaf. 

Bell peppers are the most robust container vegetable I´ve ever known. You plant it in a pot... 
....water  everyday and feed once in a while and it will 
yield many fruits. 

Have been growing cukes and they are among the robust plants here.

My container Lilies are on its 4th year now, still the same bulbs and need  
almost no maintenance

5 newbies of the amazing spanish amaryllis

Coctail tomatoes 



Always a welcome sign...tomato flowerettes


Salad greens grow fantastic on the roof..

Whatever it may be I´m growing next year, it will always 
be planted in containers... 
here, I have no problems with slugs and it´s so wonderful to see it´s green 
all over the terrace plus the plants are protected 
from harsh winds.

Thanks for visiting me.

Happy Weekend!

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