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Vases, Bouquets & Floral arrangements - Part1

I made about a hundred of floral arrangements last year, 90 % of which was 
made up of wildflowers I found, picked, searched, from the meadows or 
fields where we walk Lily, the chihuahua ( mom in-law´s princess) everyday.

The rest of the flowers came from my garden particularly David Austin´s 
yellow rose bush that gets more than a hundred buds each season.

As I love arranging flowers, I also love to take photos of each boquet and 
floral arrangement that I did using various vases that I collect. 

Most of the vases I used were hand-downs from hubby´s family and 
some were found in flea markets. 

The metal vase was a gift.. It used to be  part of a shelled artillery 
that was found after the WW II and was recycled artfully, surface pounded 
so this design would come out. 

This arrangement is a sum of petite wildflowers gathered from a field nearby.

And so because roses were abundant, I´ve had so many arrangements  made for 
my home.  From Spring to mid summer, the blooms are there year after year.

A part 2 of this  flower blog will follow with  a lot more images
Hope you enjoyed the arrangements, so see you soon!

xoxo, Mercy