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Vases, Bouquets & Floral Arrangments - Part 2

Part 2 

All the flowers included in here were all arranged between Spring and Summer of 2015. When the farmers prepared the fields before the planting season, they have scattered seeds of the red flowered poppies and blue onions flowers on the sides of the dirt track. 

And when all the seeds popped-up and began to bloom,  an array of red and blue flowerettes jumpacked the road.  It was so beautiful last year! I hope it will be the same this season.

Sometimes, I got roses at home (gifts) and I combined those with the yellow roses 
I picked from the backyard. 

I  gathered various wildflowers whenever I walked Lily. I would combined 
those with what  I ´ve had on hand.

The peonies behind were obtained from the nearby fresh market whereas the 
yellow roses were from our backyard.

Last summer, I saw these berries from a nearby creek.... there were so plenty that I picked  a small portion for me to be able to arrange them in the crystal basket above. Of course, they hae been flowers too and then grew into berries...

All I knew is that they were so colorful and that it would look nice if arrange these together with the green leaves.  The one thing I´m not sure of is whether they are edible.

I found the handpainted vase above and bought it at a fraction of a cost and if I remember it right, I paid 0,60 euro cents for it at a local flea market. Combined with the salvias above, I think this is one of my favorite arrangements last year. The doily or table napkin is of mexican in origin.

I live in an area in the outskirts of the city of Vienna and our district is surrounded by fields that are owned by the city. So I guess, I´m lucky to have all these wildflowers waiting to be picked.

Sunflower field is also available in our area... the farmers sell these flowers on a self-service basis. You just pay  for what you cut, there´s no cashier to control. Honesty is the best policy.. 

That wraps it all!

I sure hope that Spring would bring us plenty of wildflowers. I´m waiting for the lilacs to come and smell its wonderful fragrance. And of course, there´s plenty of time to prepare and begin planting those flowery plants... can´t wait for Spring to come... How about you?

Thanks for dropping by and have a nice week ahead!