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a crochet-skirt for me

I first saw Judy on a FB Group page intended for our High School batchmates to connect with each other some 5 years ago. She actually belonged to another class and since that FB page was set-up,  we got to know each other better as years passed. I also found out that we have one thing in common and that is ...the love for crocheting. 

She is an expert in this craft for she turned her hobby into a small business. She is based in Olongapo City ( Philippines)  which is about 3-4 hours away by car or bus from Manila.. Thanks to the social media, we are connected at all times,  sometimes chatting in the wee hours, LOL!

I have been talking to Judy about how I love the skirt I saw she was wearing one time... I found out that she made it for herself and I asked her if she could make one for me. She promptly said yes and that she would take the time to buy the materials so it ´ll be finished before I come to Manila.

Materials used for this skirt are all 100 % cotton.

I was actually scheduled to visit my family in Manila and planned to make a big party to celebrate Mom´s 88th birthday.  But then, Mom passed-away untimely just before New Year.... that probably gave Judy stress for I had to atttend Mom´s funeral and would like to bring the skirt when I returned to Venna. Poor Judy I thought....

And then, she finished it by the way except for the lining which I have to do myself. Gladly, all materials were given to me so I could make the lining upon returning home.  

I love the stitches Judy used for this skirt... it´s so fresh and airy to wear, the perfect skirt for summer!

And I can´t wait for summer to come ....  
I´ll surely enjoy wearing this! I love reading your comments. Thank you for visiting!