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Scent of Lilacs and Wildflowers

Nice to be back here after a long vacay.

Today,  I´m showing you wildflowers that we gathered 

from the fields while walking Lily, the chihuahua...

among the blooms are lilacs, iris, and other tiny yellow wildflowers,

as well as laserpitum latifolium (white flowers), 

those are the flowers that have grown at this time in Spring..

I´m lucky to have wonderful vases which are in my collection.

Some are flea market finds, some were handed over to us and some

came from garage sales and from hubby´s mom and grandma.

I feel privilege to have these vases because I can choose the colors that go

with the flowers I´m arranging and displaying.

Last Sunday´s walk with Lily had been 

fruitful, because we were able to gather these flowers.

For the vignette, I have added the blue colored starfish that I found in 

Manila from my last visit there.

There are lots of wildflowers and they grow in abundance in our area.

If you live near the countryside, you´ll be able to pick or cut some

wildflowers, too!

It is a matter of your own concept or choice whether you want a bunch of bought

flowers from the store... I find the wildflowers one of the most beautiful 

gifts mother nature has given us. 

The carafe above is one of two that hubby found at the Saturday Flea Market 

in Vienna.  It reflects  the Art Nouveau style.. The yellow vase came 

from an office I used to work at. 

I love the oval shape and the make of this vase.

Starfish came from a dried fish dealer in Divisoria, Manila. 

To the left of the lilac vase is a crystal basket full of dried lavender... 

The scent of the lavender makes insects  stay away 

from the sitting area..

The start of Spring hasn´t been nice in our city.  Am not sure whether 

those of you living  in cold countries are also experiencing the changes 

in your climate.  There were lots of rains here and it´s pretty cold 

even during early morning with lows at even  0°C.

Whatever the weather may be, sunny days will surely be here.

Happy Monday!

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