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Collecting Old Wooden Boxes


Each of them has a story before they landed somewhere and finally at the fleamarket. I think they are fun to collect. And without any particular reason, I just collected each of them. 

I use them to store little things, needles, curtain hooks, etc. They are very handy and decorative and they create a big impact if grouped together on top of a dresser or side table. 


Some of them were carved and I think the one on top came from North Africa. I would guess this one is from Morocco or Algeria or can also be Tunesia because of the way it´s carved. I have a wooden box with similar carvings that hide my box of tissue paper.


This box here is intricately carved and came from my husbands family... it was said that this was made by an  uncle who´s bread & butter was to make all the  mother of pearl buttons I featured on this blog. This box needs some restorations, the wood used is very soft and delicate...


This is a box I found at the flea amrket...the surface is with inlays partly out of mother of pearl shells and partly wood... they are common works seen in the Middle East.



This one here has a laqcuered-finish surface and was given to me by a friend... It is made in Vietnam.



Again, a box with inlays

The top of this one has a thin sheet of metal that was inserted into the wood to form the design ..



I presumed that the box above had been used to store cigars because it smelled of tabak when I got it from the fleamarket. The external  wood surface is nicely treated with a marble like design. 

A pretty wooden box that I got almost for free because the fleamarket dealer was about to go home. It probably had been a school project of a boy whose birthyear was 1967...



 All of these boxes really cost almost nothing, but it´s fun to collect. Thank you for reading my blog today and wish you all an enjoyable weekend!


Til next,