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Yes , I´m conducting a Raffle Draw on my Facebok page Challenging Arts & Crafts which will be held this March 15! And here is the link íf you wish to join-in :

I  had been so busy finishing the bag you are seeing in the photo above.. In the real sense, I couldn´t decide what to do with the remnants I got from a textile shop, so I asked for suggestions from my FB readers on how they would like it to be if they were to make it.....mainly a cosmetic bag or a tote bag?
Most of the answers that came out were...a tote bag!!!

The bag is of cotton fabric which is machine quilted on thre upper part and is with a batting as well as lined with a solid cotton pink fabric and trimmed on the inner top part with a self adhesive lace...

The pair of bag holders is composed of bamboo material and  4 metal hook/holders that can be screwed in place. The bag can be used as book bag or lunch bag or for whatever purpose it may serve the new owner....


You may have been familiar with the set of 8 Glass Coasters in green... I featured them as my project while I was on holiday in Spain under the link below...



So, the Raffle Draw is a way of saying "THANK YOU" to my page friends and followers, some of whom were there already since the beginning of  Challenging Arts & Crafts on FB. Whether you are a NEW LIKER or  OLD LIKER, you are eligible to participate, the only thing you have to do is "LIKED" my FB page and COMMENT on what you would like to win... Tote bag or Glass coasters


I am inviting everyone to join the game.... it´s fun and exciting!!! ´

Who knows you might be the lucky winner!