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Hazelnut Macadamia Cookies - Viennese Art

This is a traditional Austrian recipe..... I now started baking the cookies in
time for Christmas  and this one here is the first of the series....
 The recipe is easy to follow, once you have all the ingredients ready ,
 you´ve made half of the work...

 These cookies become soft when placed in a container tightly
covered and can last up to 10 days.

The macadamia used here as topping is a bit salty,
 but the flavor contrast between sweet and salty is interesting
 as you can savour more the nut flavor..

Hope you enjoy this recipe !

Hazelnut - Macadamia Cookies

  300 g flour
200 g cold butter, cubed
100 g sugar or the equivalent Stevia powder ( artificial sweetener )
100 g ground Hazelnuts
1 Egg
1 pack Vanilla sugar
grated peel of 1 lemon ( organic or untreated)
For the filling: peach marmalade, macadamia nuts as topping

 Combine hazelnuts with flour, butter, sugar, egg, grated lemon peel

 and       vanilla sugar. Mix thoroughly with your hands, knead until
 a smoothdough is achieved.  Wrap it in plastic film or put the dough in
 a plastic bag and refrigerate  for about 1 hour.

Pre-heat the oven at 190°C. Take out the dough from fridge
 and get a portion  of it and between your two Palms
 roll it into 1 cm finger size, 
 cut a Portion equivalent to a teaspoom from the 1 cm  dough roll
  and form each into a ball, repeat until the dough is used up....
arrange on an oven tray and  using the tip of the cooking spoon
 handle, press the middle of the dough for the marmalade
 filling later. 

Place the tray in the middle rack of your oven and

 bake for 7-8 minutes..

 Cool down the baked cookies and using the tip of a tea spoon,
carefully fill each hole with peach marmalade and top it with 

a  macadamia nut.   Sprinkle with caster sugar ( optional)
and arrange each in a cookie box...    

                            ENJOY BAKING !