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the past week´s images from my garden

This past week before going onto my well-deserved holiday had been hectic.
  We had to prepare the house & the garden before the trip commences.... we intend to be away for a month.

My dog Ako´s yellow rose bush has actually more buds than the 
previous years and I hate to go not seeing them blooming.

I´ll be sharing with you more rose pics in the next blog after this. 

I´m not really a good gardener,  I plant according to my instincts... this Philadelphus shrub has been in my garden for almost 2 decades now. It always smells wonderfully that sometimes I think it causes nausea (for me).
I guess I´m allergic to fragrances, LOL!

I ´m not good in remembering plant co blogger Lizette Geldenhuys Jonker who´s lecturing on plants at Garden Diva was kind enough to tell me its name..

The yellow honeysuckle always blooms in Spring...but the flowers aren´t really that scented compared to the pink one I have which only blooms in summer.

I also hate to go without seeing my potted lilies open-up.
The bulbs are actually in its 3rd year now and each bulb multiplies rapidly having so many new stalks. They were planted in a tight grey concrete block. You can see the previous year´s flowers here.

The potted lavender is also beginning to show its color now...

No matter how nice this creature can be...this ruins the leaves of plants,  they climb up  the conifer and stay there for a while until they fall off to the ground.. but I guess they are not that harmful as the slugs!!!

Another Philadelphus variety...

The geraniums are now blooming too.

Geranium buds, sooner they´ll become pinkish...

Shot was taken today after a heavy rain..

The snail on my apple tree..

I planted about 40 gladiola bulbs and distributed them around the open spaces in between the shrubs.... well, my garden backyard has a limited space and am eager now to see what the outcome will when they grow tall and start blooming.

Another shot of the philadelphus..they said, this is another just wondering how many variety it has.

Yesterday, the mulch have been distributed all over the empty space...oh my,
 I had been on my knees, later had a big backache from the bendings.
 I hope the mulch would keep the soil moist until we come back..

Hope you enjoy the pics...

Keep on gardening!