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visiting german relatives.....

It was exciting to meet someone you didn´t see for over a long 
period of time. I found out a couple of years ago, 
that I have relatives living in Germany..

She is the daughter of my first cousin,  her grandma was the
 older sister of my dad. We were kids back then when 
our ways parted..and now after so many years we´ve met again
 in Erding  ( near Munich) Germany.

We went by car passing-by Salzburg... on our way, saw the
 magnificent parts of the austrian alps.

Everything was already green again as Spring is now here... but the 
peaks of the mountains are still covered with snow.

we also passed-by Chiemsee....

... arrived in Erding after 4.5 hours drive from Vienna.

On that Sunday of our visit, the stores and farmer´s
 market were  opened..  I have enjoyed walking  in and around 
the town.  It´s a nice place to live in...quiet, almost no 
pollution, low crime..

Erding has good infrastructures.. 
By train, you can reach Munich International 
Airport and the City by 30 and 40 minutes respectively.

Erding has banks, hospital, clinics, supermarkets, etc.

tiny flowers seen along the road.

A hearty breakfast at the hotel...before going to Neuschwanstein Castle...

My cousin loves flowers and these are cultivated by her.

Have enjoyed the town very much

Happy Saturday!