Challenging Arts & Crafts

a weekend in Chiemsee.....

It´s about 400 kilometers away from home and  took us 3 1/2 hours of driving from 
Vienna to Bavaria, Germany. We were visiting relatives in a town 
called Schonstett and spent our weekend there with Lily.

As an attraction of our tour, we went to the "Fraueninsel" in Chiemsee,  
a famous  lake in Germany visited not only by the locals but 
tourists all over Europe as well.

This island is also inhabited by the locals who in turn make the most of 
their hobbies by creating artisan objects and 
sell them to visiting tourists. 

One does not get to see the inside of  the 
Benedictinian Monastery  (nuns) founded by 
Duke Tassilo II  in the year 782. 
But, its administrators sometime hold various 
seminars on special topics that are offered 
to the public.

Frauen Insel  image source:

Chiemsee has four islands and two are the most 
famous of  them which are Herreninsel and the 
smaller Fraueninsel. 
We decided to visit the smaller one  and took the 
ferry boat going there.

image source :

It was Lily´s first time on board this kind of vessel. She had been 
on a train, a plane to Spain, a bike ride,  a car ride and 
here the ferry boat ride.

 She seemed to have enjoyed it as swift wind made it 
cooler for her to manage the heat at around 25 °C. 

The distance from the dock of Gstadt to Fraueninsel is around 1.8 Km 
which took us 15 minutes  to  reach the island

 Although  the weather forecast on that day  wasn´t that good, 
there was no  gusty winds at all. 
We were lucky to have made the excursion.

As we were getting closer to the island, we could see the tower of the Monastery, 
the lush green trees, and the many docking stations for private boats.

The water had been calm and still all the time. 
We saw so many small sailing boats and 
many sports enthusiasts who strived hard to reach 
the islands of the lake with their canoes.

We took the walk to get to know the island and noticed that there were 
many restaurants and bars offering  hot and cold drinks. 

The Benedictine Monastery can´t be seen on the inside,  but from time to time, 
various seminars are offered to the public.

This lime tree is believed to be around 1000 years old  and had been planted 
during the medieval times.  In order to protect this tree, a fence was made around  it to 
prevent the island visitors from going  near  the tree 
that might cause damages to its roots. 

This is an example of typical house in the island,  built in the alpine style 
where most houses in the Alps  were constructed 
with wood or log.  

This tree is not as old as the protected lime tree, but surely,... this is centuries old..

As we went round the island, I noticed the 
so many sitting areas where you can simply rest and 
enjoy the view, feel the clean air, the quietness of the 
surroundings. All the stress will surely be gone, 

I saw flowers in abundance and everyone has lovely 
garden full of  flowering plants to enjoy.

Lily seemed to have enjoyed the scenery, the people,  the tourists we met, 
but surely not the she was avoiding it!!!

As we continue to go round, people stopped and 
greeted Lily. She in return didn´t acknowledge the gesture as she´s the 
 kind of dog that would run away from 
strangers, LOL!

The tourists and locals alike do various  sports 
in the lake. We´ve seen this group of  senior men 
 and women, age between 60-75 cannoing..gosh, 
they were unbelievably strong... 
how sporty they were!!! 

Others went sailing, some were just paddling 
on the water in their tiny boats   without direction 
.....and some simply enjoyed  swimming in the lake.

A cold delicious drink in a restaurant along the bay gave us a big refreshment. 
The drinks not only quenched our thirst but 
also the sitting had done our tired feet good.. 
It was such a pleasant  day activity...  and hubby 
and I were happy that we made the tour.

 We took the ferry boat again and back at the Gstadt docks, we prepared 
ourselves to go back home..

Along the way to Vienna , we passed by the lake in Oberösterreich 
( Upper Austria) and took a break.

This is the Mondsee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria. 

These are houses on top of the  Alm that are located high up in the mountain. 
I just zoomed them with my camera to see  
the structures of the houses.
 Mostly, these are the houses of the farmers tending the surrounding slopes. 
Mind you , they have excellent views towards the lake!!!

To sum up , the excursion was wonderful although 
the trip was just a couple of days... but, we´ll 
surely come back!