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vintage cake platters....

Vintage Austrian and German Cake Platters

They became popular at the turn of the 20th Century especially
 during the  Art Nouveau epoche. 
The german ceramic fatory called Grünstadt Keramik 
 was popular  in that period and it  produced 
some of these around  half of the 19th Century 

 But, they only became famous at the turn  of the 20th century til around 
1930´s  when the  "Jugendstil" 
or Art  Nouveau movement   was a mega trend
 in those times. 

Almost every household have at least one of these
 plates in that period  and Oma´s kitchen
 was no exception. 

We´re  lucky to have three pretty 
cake holders courtesy of hubby´s grandmother.

I use it whenever I bake, be it cake or 
muffins and it´s very original in form and shape
 especially when the baked goodies are on top of it.

These lovely plates have ceramic or glass base that 
is sort of coined with metal rims and handles. 

They were painted in the airbrush technique
 called "Spritzdekor" in german.... 
that literally  means "spray decorating"

Sometimes we use them as serving trays...

Perhaps each design used might be very simple and

 looks nothing special compared to  today´s

In those days, the quality control was  not that strict. 
In fact, some platters  have imperfections in
 terms of design  & colors,.... in other words, 
there were flaws!!!

 It´s the age that matters, because imperfection 
might even add to the beauty of 
these platters.

Wishing you a good start of the week dear friends!

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