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Collecting Wall Plates

Eclectic decorating is for me a fascinating world. As a homemaker, I decorate my home with what  fancies my thoughts. Whether it´s a mixture of vintage or modern things, mismatched items, as long as the colors complement each other, they are  absolutely welcome in my home!

Soft furnishings are easy to make. I make my own curtains, pillowcases and quilts. I also collect anything blue and white, it´s a weakness that developed in me during my college days and it started when I saw a blue and white quilt featured in a magazine. 

I swear from that day on that I would make a quilt for my future home,  and I did make one later on´s a quilt sampler for my husband, and you can see it and read its story here

And I also collect blue and white plates.. well, wall plates in general, too!  The sources for my blue and white plates have been the Saturday flea market and souvenirs from our travels. A plate doesn´t cost that much, but they make boring walls become interesting when they are grouped together.  

Once you start your own collection and visit the flea market, do have a look-out at single plates, ask how much the cost and give the dealer the price you´re willing to pay for that particular one....bargain (!!!) for it and if he does not agree with your price, walk away .. most dealers will call you back to sell to you the plate. 

Some plates have holes at the back for hanging purposes, but for some that do not have, metal braces are needed to be able to display them on the wall. My holders came from a chinese bazar in Spain and came in different sizes.

When the braces were used-up and more plates were to be displayed, I decided to go to a specialized hardware and got some springs and metal wire and produced the braces myself...The twisting might be a bit crooked, but the braces hold the plate properly.

Here, you can see my faible for anything blue and white..the hydrangea oil painting (top left)  was done by me about a decade ago as well as the oil painting on the right. All the plates reflect the colors of the canopy bed in this guest room. 

Do read my blog post "Displaying Decorative Plates" for some tips on how to display your collection anywhere in your home ...the story is  right here .

Thanks for being here!


Ps. My apology for some blurred photos, I took those shots in the night a while ago.

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