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Vintage fabrics and Winter Chaos

During my flight back to homebase, my thoughts were concentrated on what it's like to be in a cold house like ours. It was our first time to experience such a problem.

It was cold outside and we're having freezing temps.. I'd been taking care of my chaos at home since arrival. Chaos that I´ve had left before flying to Spain a couple of weeks after mom in-laws funeral four months ago.. The flight was booked and there was  no way to have a refund of the tickets!

It was a catastrophic arrival in Vienna. Our Vienna flight had been an hour delayed in Malaga and so was the baggage claim that took us waiting for about 45 minutes. In addition to that, the temperature outside was -6°C/32°F.

Then, we arrived home only to find out that the gas was really cut-off, the freezer in the kitchen broke down and all contents defrosted!!! The fridge´s motor didn´t run because of icy temperature in the kitchen, there was no heating!!! We would normally keep the gas for the boiler running so the heater would run to have a constant temp. of 18°C. But the Gas company changed the gas meter into a digital one, they had to cut-off the gas connection at the time when we were not home.

As agreed while in Spain, the gas technician came and made the connection. It took 3 days for the house to return to temp. of 21°C. We were so tired including Lily that we all slept with double duvets and piles and piles of woolen blankets.

I didn´t like to go out , the temperatures outside were killing me, it was way -9°C , but it I had to go food shopping, update bank account and get prescriptions from the doctor ...My goodness (!) there were simply a lot of things to take care of.  We were away for 100 days in a row!

Food shopping was the first errand I did buying lots of fruits and veggies.
I planned to cook or bake comfort foods and yes, this was what I had in mind at that time. 
I was longing to have the roasted cherry tomatoes I used to do in summer when my container garden produced these wonderful veggies. If you want to roast Cherry Tomatoes,  you can get the recipe here

I also baked one of our comfort delish foods below..... Baked Sprouts and Klobasse.

Baked Sprouts and Klobasse...hmmm!
For us, one comfort food on a gray gray winter day! Here, the steps to prepare it:

1.  I cooked brussel sprouts in salted water for 10 minutes.. set aside.
2. fried 1 clove crushed garlic, add cut red onions, sliced mushroom, cut leek ,     cherry tomatoes and the brussel sprouts, mixed well.. then transferred all in a baking dish, add 4 salted and peppered beaten eggs. Mix well and add grated parmesan cheese as topping.  Bake at 180 degrees about 30 minutes or til the eggs are fully cooked. 
Serve right away.

I thought of what I´d do once I get back ...and I ever wondered where to put all the things mom in-law left.. At any rate, the craft room upstairs was my storage room at that time.

And so I already had quilt projects in mind using Oma´s vintage fabrics above..I still wondered how much time and effort will I have to be able to use all these stuff?!

Oma kept these vintage luggages. I love them, they are so sturdy and can store so many things like the yarns that I have been buying whenever there was a sale.  

Finally, our daily living is now back to normal and I hope it will continue til we leave for Spain again. So even if we have freezing temps outside we´ll keep on moving!

Thank you all for being here, 
Happy weekend everyone!

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