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The DIY Garbage Bin

When you´re getting older and would like to do a DIY project like mounting a garbage can kit, 
you might find it hard to do such a chore. I,  for one,  haven´t been active myself in the last 
two years. I used to do a bit of carpentry works just like my dad. 

The other week, I drove to Ikea ( I have no affiliation whatsoever)  to get a new garbage 
container for my kitchen. There were not much  choice, and  I found only two options: one 
was a galvanized can with cover that you have to open and close manually.... and the other one, 
a hard black plastic that has a white base  that can be  attached below the sink. It´s with a 
telescopic metal that you can simply take in and out and this is 
what I chose and  will be talking about in this post.

The kit was easy to install if it wasn´t for that limited space under the sink where 
you have to move and screw everything in place. So I did everything myself 
and had to prove to hubby that I can do it alone. 

After a while, everything has been mounted and of course, I was happy 
and proud that I have done it without help,... Later in the evening, I had an abdominal 
muscle pain and couldn´t explain what the pain was about. I began to get scared!


I dropped dead on that afternoon doing the mounting... I found out that the muscle pains have 
been from the DIY work of the never ending bendings here and there.
The next day was a disappointment, I found out that I forgot to put two screws 
to make the base stable  .....hhhhhm, typically me!
I was damming it because I had to unmount my work and start all over again. 
Thank God, the muscle pain subsided a bit and I repeated the work today, 
I couldn´t be happier!

"... if the boys can do it, the girls can do it, too.." !!!

Thank you for dropping by!