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The Spring Chores - 2017

Happy Women´s Day everyone! 
Hope your day is fine and enjoyable!  I was telling my Bffs  that since it´s our day today, 
a shoutout for a relaxation for all women  should  be done around the world.  
Relax and put aside all stress, take time off to really,  really enjoy the day, go out with 
girlfriends, go shopping and use hubby´s credit card. LOL!
We deserve that, don´t we?!

My day today started with food shopping. We normally get fresh food every 
Thursday, but I have  important appointments tomorrow, 9th of March, 
so we did it today rather than Friday.

As we are moving towards Spring, we have been cleaning our
backyard the last days. I couldn´t believe that we´ve had so much fallen leaves 
and branches!  The ones that were left behind before we left for Spain have 
been the wild vines that were still green by end of September.


At any rate, now is the time to get excited!  Last Fall, I planted a mixture of 
big tulip bulbs and Allium. I´m so happy to see that their sprouts are now coming 
out and so are the other plants and the evergreens. 

Ako´s yellow rose bush is also thriving anew and  has many new branches at this 
time and oh so green! It´s amazing that this plant is very robust after 22 years. Each year,  it bears
plenty of  clusters of light to dark yellow flowers.  Can´t wait to see the first  blooms
 ´cause my vases are now waiting to be used for the bouquet arrangements.

The honeysuckles ( I have a pink and an orange)  are now slowly filling the  
rose arch. They normally bloom around May/June.

We´ve had beautiful blue skies the other day when we walked Lily in this wooded area 
near our home. We love walking in this place because Lily often meets other dogs 
more than her size and she´s loving it!

She´s  outsmarting bigger dogs by simply barking at them when
 they come too near  her nose or her butt!!! :-))) 
Of course, it´s like a predomenantly surprise attack on her part. The other
 dogs are simply careful...they never know what Lily´s
 going to do  next !!!

Oh my , I was surprise at what cravings can do to a person. We didn´t have the apple
tart for so long... good that there were apples left from last week´s 
food shopping and that prompted me to begin the process of baking.. I grab them all 
and started peeling!!!

 "Pronto"  the tart was quickly baked!!! 

Hubby said, this was the most delicious apple tart he has eaten so far
(from all my bakings) Ngek !!! 

This week , we went to visit hubby´s Oma and Mom in this cemetery..
The Grinzinger Friedhof ( 19th District , Vienna) is  the most famous cemetery in the city 
where  the rich and the famous are resting. Oma was not rich but was just lucky to have 
gotten hers in the 50´s. 

That´s all for today. 
Hope to see you here again
Thanks for taking the time to visit!