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Divisoria - a crafter´s paradise

Hello everyone!

I´ve been absent in the blogging world for a couple of months  due to the 
tragedies that  struck my family  in the last half of 2015.

My brother died  in August, then mom was hospitalized in September 
and had a 50/50 life chance...She  was bed ridden because of her hips and other illness. She recovered though and came home. Mom and I Skype-talked 3 days  before she passed... and we were planning to celebrate her 88th birthday this July. But, she left this world unexpectedly in her sleep  on Wednesday morning of December 30, 2015. 

Though a sad beginning of a New Year, we
 were relieved though knowing that
she didn´t have pain or sufferings for she passed-away peacefully....God bless her soul!

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One of my plans whenever I visit Manila is to shop for craft materials in Divisoria. And so when my mom´s interment was done, I agreed with my friend  Judy that we meet there and shop around for yarns and other craft materials.

Judy was a high school batchmate and is  a crochet enthusiast whom I haven´t seen for more than 40 years. We planned this meeting so many times and it now came into a reality though at a sad circumstance. With her were crafter friends who are also business-minded ladies.

From L to R : Judy, Me, Lorna and Catherine

Judy is an expert in crocheting... she accepts orders and sells her patterns 
at Ravelry. See her works on her page at More than just Crafts

With me is Lorna, an expert in bag making and other crafts. She  gets private orders from the US through her  sister who lives there and she gets her materials for her crafts in Divisoria.

Lorna´s bag sample


Cathy dyes her yarns personally and she accepts orders from around the world. She can be contacted on FB at crochetbiz

Cathy´s yarns

The (spanish) word "divisoria" means a dividing line or wall... The market developed by itself and probably goes back to early 1900 when the chinese merchants in Manila started to trade their goods and created a market for all products whether fresh or dry... Chinese merchants, traders , workers lived in the adjacent Chinatown. The street of Ongpin became sort of the center of the Chinatown where rich chinese businessmen opened their shops for rich clients. Nowadays, Ongpin is as busy as ever. 

Divisoria on the other hand, developed into a huge bazar or flea market of goods coming from everywhere in the Philippines as well as from China. The malls 168 and 999  are truly a mecca for bargain hunters, wholesalers, retailers, etc.  You will find everything you want at a fraction of a cost and the dealers are mostly chinese.

Photo source : ....More Divisoria pics here

I often came here during my college days,  it is very near the University belt.  I would simply look around the fabric stalls in the old buildings in the 70´s... Now, there are malls that cater to all your needs. You can really have a great deal especially if you buy at wholesale prices.

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I hauled my fabrics... these Coats 100% Cotton yarn below cost only 110 Pesos per box (2 Euros/2.30 USD) plus other bag materials shown in the following images are really a bargain.

If I would have the space in my luggage, I would have bought double the materials. All of us were simply happy that we have accomplished to buy the things we needed. The next time,  I would send my haul by mail to Europe.  

Happy Wednesday to all!!!