Challenging Arts & Crafts

Of laces & crocheted pillowcase ......

Crocheting is one passion I´ve been doing as far as I can remember.
  At a young age of 9, I became so curious at how a friend´s older
sister did all those pretty lacy bedcovers in their home. I think her
 beautiful laces which she painstakingly done with pleasure, somehow
the challenge triggered my subconcious to learn & try this craft. 

Finally, I asked my Ma to get me a hook and yarn so I can try it myself...
I love it ever since and the more I learned each day, the more excited
 I became. I gave my mom my first curtain which she then put up in the
 windows of her canteen  a couple of months after.

 Since then, I´ve done many projects it tablecloth, bedspread,
doilies, tops and many can see part of  my works in
one of  the blogs  featured here called Lovable Doilies and Crocheted Laces .


 This particular pillowcase had been a work in-progress that
 I haven´t touched in 6 years... The middle cloth should have been
 embroidered but I thought of it as boring or inappropriate since I want to
have an all white pillowcases that look romantic to add to my  all white ollection., I started to make a flowerette, I didn´t have a pattern for this,
 but I know that I had to make 8 petals so I crocheted 8 petals
 until it reached the desired size that is proper for the missing
 middle  part of the pillowcase.

Added to make this square complete are the popcorn stitches that I enjoyed
to stitched.This is just perfect I thought and will make a great center of
attraction for the pillowcase..

Then, I took out the cloth from the center and replaced it with the
 crocheted  flowerette. Good that I simply basted so that it was easier
to remove.

The flowerette was attached temporarily with long stitches using
 a pink thread onto the center. That way, I would be able to see
 it and remove the thread easily when the flowerette is finally  stitched
 in place with white thread.

 For the back of the pillowcase, I cut white cotton fabric to the size
 of the pillowcase + 2 cm allowance on each side. I added a button
 closing using the locally popular metal ring buttons covered with
 linen thread for pillowcases.

All in all, I´m satisfied with the result, and adding one more pillowcase
 to my growing white pillow collection... I hope that you like my blog for today...
Hope to hear from you... comments are welcome!

Wishing you a blessed Sunday !!!