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pancit canton - my recipe

I had a marathon cooking today and cooked a few dishes in advance for next week. As a working housewife, I make it a point that my freezer is full of ready to eat foods that I myself  have cooked.

It reduces stress during the week when I´m at work and I would just have to thaw and reheat the food as needed. Well, the advantage of advance cooking is that, you always have a choice on what to eat and you know which ingredients were used.

One of today´s dishes that I cooked  is a philippine version of the chinese "chow mein" that uses noodles called pancit canton. It´s a dish that is very popular in all the islands of the Philippines ( 7200 of them that includes uninhabited islands).

 Other recipes call for shrimps and oyster sauce... Oh sorry (!), my version does not use either one of these ingredients because I don´t eat sea apology for that, but you can add shrimps as you like when you cook this.

My recipe version is so easy to make, I used simple ingredients which are available in stores. Pancit canton is the prime ingredient here and this is usually available in asian supermarkets.

 So, come on and  let´s cook! 

(serves 4 portions)


400 grams of  pork filet cut into thin strips 
1 pair of chorizo or hard sausage, sliced (optional)
400 grams or 2 packs 8 oz. dried pancit canton noodles (fresh ones are of course preferable)
2 stalks celery cut into bite pieces
1 red bell pepper, cut approximately into 2x2 cm pieces
3 cups of  white cabbage cut into strips
4 medium size carrots, cut into bite pieces
1 big red or white onion, thinly sliced
1 bunch of spring onions, chopped
3 cloves crushed garlic
Soy sauce, vegetable oil, sesam oil ( optional)
Salt & pepper


1. Boil water in a deep casserole and quickly add the dried pancit canton noodles, Boil for about a minute  or until noodles become  soft...Do not overcook to avoid noodles getting limpy.. Drain the water and let stand for later use.

2. Marinate the pork filet in 1/3 cup soya sauce, season with salt & pepper and let stand for about 10 minutes..

3. In a pan, add 3 tablespoons sesame oil and fry the pork filet batch by batch until meat pieces are golden brown, add cooking oil to the pan if necessary. Add the cut sausages ( optional) and cook for 2 minutes more. Take meat+sausage out of the pan and place in a container and cover to keep warm, set aside for later use. 

4. In a deep  huge casserole... heat 2 tbsps cooking oil,  fry the crushed garlic, add the onions, spring onions, carrots, celery, the cut bell pepper, and the cabbage... 

Stir-fry until all vegetables become soft, takes about 10-12 minutes. Add the meat+sausage to the vegetables , mix carefully until all ingredients are well blended. Add the noodle, sprinkle with 1 tbsp soy sauce,  mix well  and season with salt and pepper according to your taste.

5. Arrange in a platter, serve hot.

Enjoy cooking!