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Paris Adventure

Hello everyone!
Winter had been very long & hard in our part of Europe and with that came my flu with a very persistent coughing.. a total of 2 weeks sick leave  including a relapse affected my office work as well as my household chores.... But, thank God, recovery was at site...
Well, there´s a lot of catching-up with my blog, I guess.... First, let me share our adventure in Paris... We took the chance to visit this city a couple of weeks ago and here are some of the photos I took from my digicam... my apologies if the photos are not that sharp, that is because my hands always shake when I take pics, LOL! I was impressed by the Beauty of the Eiffel Tower. It´s actually magnificent to see this Tower right before your own eyes, so solid are its steel structures.
I took it with heart to see the whole of Champs Èlysèes so I marched from the Grand Opera passing by the Obelisk and the Place Vendome with its famous Shops for the rich. I must say, it was very brave of me to do it because it was such a long march of about 1.5 Km.. well, I just had a bit of swollen feet that day and strained muscles.
It was difficult to take shots of the Arc because of the trees on the left and right of the Avenue . And so what I did was to wait for the red light, crossed the street and stood in the middle of the Avenue beside the traffic light to get a pretty good shot.
The Avenue des Champs-Elysées has 4 lanes each godness, you could imagine how nervous I was when the green light was on and I was  caught in the middle of the Avenue waiting for this monstrous traffic to a halt!!!

I had to see Mona Lisa, so inside we went  into the Louvre and to my dismay, hundreds of visitors gathered around her to take their pics,  as if they wouldn´t want to leave the area to give chance for others to take their own shots...
This Glass Pyramid is the entrance to Louvre 
 The Tower of the Notre Dame Cathedral behind the buildings
 Front of Notre Dame Cathedral 
The main entrance to the Cathedral

Sacré Coeur in Montmatre
 We also visited Chateau de Versailles

 One part of the Garden of the Chateau 

The beautiful and amazing murals of the Chateau 

We also visited the Brocante of St. Ouen and we saw this pair
of chairs, very French and I must say they are so lovely!

The Brocante has all the pieces you may want to bring home from a holiday. you name it, they have it.  But, each piece commands a great price plus the customs duty should  not be forgotten.

Art pieces, vintage or antique were also offered..

Tasting the Tart Au Citron

In Montmatre, the sweets are allover...

...... as well as the fresh market was interesting to see.

sweets, sweets, and more sweets!

fresh harvest were also offered

 The Seine

To sum up our travel,  I learned a lot, especially  the beauty of the French architecture, their arts, the way of life of the locals and the richness of French culture.. and I tend to go back to see more...
Note: Coming up next : Easy Spinach Tomato, a quick peek below

Thank you for taking time to read this blog, am wishing you a good start of the week.