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Easy Braised Pork Leg - Pork Pata

Friday is usually my shopping day, but today I had a day off from the office work and so I went food shopping. One of the meat offered at the shelf of our local supermarket were pork legs which we haven´t eaten for a long time.
Spontaneously, I got the ready cut legs ( the pig´s behind legs are longer than its front and have more meat), and I ´ve intended to cook it in my own version of the filipino dish called Pork Pata or  Braised Pork Leg... It is one of the fave dishes of filipino families usually cooked on Sundays.  It´s also served  in fiestas and family gatherings or on special occasions.
So, here is my version which is so easy to make,  that you would eventually sit and relax once it´s inside the cooker.
Ingredients :
1 kg pork leg (behind part) cut crosswise as in the photo shown above
3/4 Cup soya Sauce,
2 tbsp vinegar
2 tbsp sugar or equivalent sugar substitute
5 cloves crushed garlic
1 bunch of spring onions cut into halves
1 tsp black peppercorns +1/2 tsp. crushed 
3-4 Cups water
1 bay leaf
salt (optional)


1. In a pressure cooker, arrange a portion of  the cut spring onions until they  
    cover the bottom of the cooker, then arrange the cut pork legs on top of the
    spring onions.

  Put the water in a Container  adding  all the rest of the ingredients into the  
    water.  Pour  mixture   into the  pot slightly covering  the leg pieces. Cover the
    cooker  cook under high heat until it boils, then reduce heat to low and simmer 
    for an  hour until leg pieces are soft. Check the liquid in the cooker from time to
    and adjust the  water if necessary. Adjust the salt according to your taste.
3. The spring onions placed  on the bottom of the  cooker will prevent the leg skin
    from sticking onto the surface of the cooker. Arrange the legs on a platter, set 
   aside. Meanwhile add extra fresh  spring onions into the cooker and cook in the 
  remaining liquid for 5 minutes til tender and garnish the meat on the platter with
  these , add  the  remaining liquid onto the platter.
  Goes well with cooked rice, serve hot.

                                                 Enjoy Cooking!

Note: I will post the recipe of  the Spinach Tomato Tart next after this blog.

Til next,


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