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Making A Curtain Tie-Back

I think curtain tie-backs are essential in interior decorating, they are generally trimmings that hold curtains to its side to allow light and add  an elegant and decorative look to the room.

When I made the youtube video "decorate a small elegant bedroom" ,
I created the tie-backs out of the fabric remnants I used for the curtains and bed canopy.

First, I created a template by using the old tie back of my old set of curtains I´ve done in the past. Depending on how thick the side curtain comes out, I always adjust the size of my tie-back by either making it shorter or longer by adjusting the template.

Here, I used a firm interlining which is the same material I used for making a firmer curtain pelmet.
Most curtain shops offer this material where one side of it is self-adhesive, so the when the fabric is attached to it , a smooth surface is attained. With this template I fold the fabric right side on right side and cut the 2 fabric shapes.

By peeling this protective paper, the fabric can now be carefully attached to its surface..

This is the back side of the firm interlining with the adhesive side attached to the fabric. When cutting the fabric I gave an allowance of  2.0 cm for the inner seam. This allowance can still be trimmed to 1 cm so the bulging won´t be too obvious on the outside surface when the fabric is turned right side out.

By putting together the right sides of the 2 fabrics, I sew the edges outlining the firmer interlining leaving about 15 cm open.... so later I can turn the right sides of fabric easily out.  By cutting V shape like edges, they will prevent the fabric from getting twisted when turning the right fabric side of the tie-back. Mind you, the turning of the right of the fabric out is very tricky for a beginner, so I would suggest that if you try making this one, be sure to make the opening bigger than 15 cm say about 20 cm and just sew the opening either by hand or machine.

Sewing the edge is optional  but I opted for it because I think it´s much nicer, just for the look of it.... the open seam was also sewn by machine and I have added a ring on both ends of the tie back so I could hang it and begin gathering the side curtain as in the below photo...

Now the tie back is finished.

And this is how the guest bedroom looks like now, everything in its proper place....just  the way I wanted it to be.

Here´s wishing that you have enjoyed today´s blog.... tomorrow is a new day, get inspired and enjoy whatever your  plans might be and don´t forget to SMILE!

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