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Soft furnishing ideas

 Today, I´d like to share a hobby that I really enjoy doing...
and that  is  decorating with soft furnishings... I love designing and
 creating them, too!
So far, I´ve done quilts, pillowcases, tablecloths, blankets, placemats,
 linens, curtains and and and.... 

Scouring the flea market is for me a fave pastime and sometimes
 if  I´m lucky, the loot could include vintage linens, even hand
 embroidered  pillowcases and tablecloths.  

About a week ago, school kids in our area organized a  flea market, 
 it was one of those I thought would be boring.. 
but, I found some  hand embroidered  doilies and this pretty 
  crocheted  tablecloth in PINK.... yes, in PINK !!!

 Pink isn´t my  color since I would usually crochet using white thread..
  My heart went weak,  I couldn´t resist this one, the price tag was
 only 0.50 Euro cents and  it looked so crisp as if it has never been used.
  What the heck I thought,   I´m going to get it and I would have to
  do something to make it fit into my decorating scheme... 

Soooooooh!..... using my imagination , I´ve searched for the right 
fabric from my stash and... bingo, I found one that coordinated
 with the pink crocheted cloth.. and so above the table setting above was born...

I have some weakness for white pillowcases, I collect some and I 
just have to have them. I did some myself, got a few as hand-downs
 as well as bought a pair from places I´ve been to...
 the above are a few from my collection..

Curtains are easier and fast to make, with all the  curtain 
materials  and accessories available in the market, they are not really
that difficult  to make... I really love making them. All the curtains 
featured on this site were made by me...

If you want to see more of the curtains I made, please click
 the links below


I hope this blog has given you some inspirations..

Thank you for reading and visiting me..

Have a nice and good start of the week!!!