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Yoyo Quilt

My first encounter with the yoyo quilt was during my elementary school when I was 12, the girls in my class made this project in the Home Economics subject. This quilt was introduced to us by the Americans, cutting fabric with a round or circle template and sewing the edges to gather its center which is then attached to another yoyo by sewing to form the quilt shape.
Many many years passed-by and I forgot all about it until I saw a yoyo quilt from an american magazine that was displayed as tablecloth..and so I was reminiscing that doily I made as a young girl. There were just about 20 pieces sewn together and my mom used it to adorn our altar...the yoyo doily is long gone now, but upon seeing the featured quilt in the magazine, I became excited and then promised to make one as a gift to myself. I began making this in the middle of the 90´s, family members helped me do some yoyos when I visited my parents. My pieces grew and grew and now I have at least 1000 yoyos pieced together and it´s still growing.....
I hope that you enjoyed this posting, happy quilting to all those making quilts right now!
Til Next,