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The Moorish Lights

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Glad to be back home after almost one month vacation. These days,
I´ll be  writing about the lights/furnishings for our 2nd home in
Southern Spain. 

The moorish influence in Spain can be seen in many
 ways particularly in architecture. Afterall, the moorish
 invaded Spain early 8th Century.

 You´ll see moorish features in most spanish houses.
 Our andalucian cortijo ( country house) for example has
 a bit of those tidbits.
 It´s one style we are always drawn to because of its
 warm oriental flair. 

When we needed lights for the staircase, one of the ideas
 we considered was to get a morrocan hanging lamp.
 I have always enjoyed the beauty of such lamp in
 our guest bedroom (next photo) and I thought it would also
 look gorgeous if the ceiling in the staircase would have a similar one
 hanging up there.

Ceiling lamp for the guest bedroom

With my wishlist ready, we were supposed to go to
 Tanger (Morocco) by end of December and explore the
 wonderful bazars they are known for.

But then... something unexpected came up that
 prevented us to go! Having no choice, we had to cancel
 our moroccan tour. Below are examples of the wall lamps
 I intended to get from the bazar.

photo source : El Corte Ingles

The tour cancelled, , I had to find the lamps locally.
 There is only one store in our village and it didn´t have the
 moroccan lamps I wanted, so I drove some 15 Km to the next town
 called Torre del Mar.

 Luckily, one of the 3 small stores I visited had the
 lamps I had in mind!!!. I was extremely happy to have gotten
 a bigger size for the staircase. 

wall lamp for the staircase

And what good luck too that my spanish electrician neighbour,
 who has a cortijo one hill away, was free that afternoon.
 He came up to our place and installed it instantly.

 I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the lamp especially
 when darkness comes as it shines up there beautifully! 

Well, Tanger would have to wait when I´m in Spain again
 and hope to  have the chance to go in a few months...

Meanwhile, it´s a great feeling that everything works :-)

Have a nice Saturday everyone!