Challenging Arts & Crafts

Granny square pillowcase - 1/3

I started this project last weekend, working on each of the 16 squares
 everyday. One square is done for about 15 minutes, I did some during train rides, but mostly while watching tv...

I have 2 new sofas to decorate and both are olive green.
And so,  I decided I will make colorful pillowcases and this is one
of those.

The squares were easily made and each of the 4 rounds has 
a different color..

I decided I would have a white border for all to give
a lighter look.. I hand sew ( not crocheted)each piece ..

....then added the border in red and white...

I added the red border picking up some of the reds in the squares.

.....then I added the white to give a neutral frame...

Lastly, I used cotton fabric for the backside..

...and that´s it, finally finished today!

Happy Weekend !

Til next,