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DIY - Vintage Lamp rewired

Vintage lamps are one of my weaknesses. I can´t resist getting it if I see one. I rewire them when needed, make new shades or buy new ones that matches the base and style.

Some of those I found over the years aren´t that really old.. The styles of the base vary...I´d get which ever comes my way provided it´s pleasing to my eyes and its price would usually be almost a give-away.

I ´ve just rewired the vintage lampbase above... The original wire was very old and the switch went on strike and failed to function. I didn´t have a lamp cable in gold color, so in the meantime, I temporarily used a white one which was a surplus of Ikea´s art light that I had cut and saved some 8 years ago.

I guess not much people dare to buy old lamps at the fleamarket knowing they would have to have them rewired which could cost a lot more than the price of a new one. Well, rewiring isn´t really that complicated if you go deeper into this trade...

I´m fond of hoarding spare parts from different lamps, only throw what is necessary...and so today afternoon, I´ve put one to good use and it didn´t cost me anything to rewire this one, the golden  colored wire to match the brass will come soon.

In the meantime, the lamp is working and that´s the most important thing!