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My Fleamarket Finds - Candlesticks & Sconces

The visits to the fleamarket in Vienna led to my collecting
 a few candlesticks and sconces. I have been on the lookout for those that 
are made of metal and black painted ones that look rustic and
 have a spanish flair in them.

Included in my collection are also a few made of glass, ceramics,
 brass and wood.  I love using them as decor items, they give
 the room  that cozy and lived-in feeling and they didn´t cost
 that much... 

Power failure is common in Spain during the winter months especially
 after heavy storms. As these candle holders look rustic and country,
  they fit the andalucian lifestyle, so I brought all of them along
 to Spain  for decoration as well as use them there. 
Candles are  my alternative  light whenever we experience
 power failure.

When a strong storm hit Spain on Christmas day, there was
 a power breakdown in our area and we didn´t have electricity
 for 1 whole day, that was when those candlesticks were
 put to  good use for we needed a lot of candles to light-up the house.

 I have neglected refurbishing the black metals since  I got them...
and so it was time to give all a new look  with a coat of paint.
First, they were sanded, then cleaned with  damp cloth, dried  
and have  been given a coat of matt paint.
 One coat of a clear paint was enough to finish it off. 

And they were all ready to use when the big storm came on Christmas day !