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just a bit of dirt....


Today´s afternoon was spent for gardening..It had 

been raining the past  few days,

 so I thought this would be the perfect time to 

have dirty hands and plant a couple of new 


 Here, I´d like to share with you the small backyard of our row house with  

all the plants we have...I have an apple tree, the conifer hedges, a tamarisk 

tree, a rose bush, honeysuckle and many shrubs which

 I honestly do not know what the names are.

I just knew them by colors of their flowers,  LOL!

I´ve been trying to shape this shrub as topiary , the trunk is getting
 thicker as it gets older.

 Mind you, these 4 branches of forsythia  that I cut a week ago have been 

developing roots. Imagine, I just stuck these into the earth, 

didn´t do anything and they simply thrive and grow and grow...

One of the forsythia branches that I stuck on earth..





And so , I planted a camelia and a peony. The peony is called 

"Pfingstrosen"in german, because they would normally 

flower when the  Pentecost is nearing and that is sometime in June.


As some of you may have remembered , we have constructed the 

flooring with tiles to replace  the wooden slabs that got rotten

 from the constant change of  weather... 

Now we are a happy with our decision to have the 

tiled floor as the backyard is now almost maintenance free...

My apple tree... hopefully this would bear many fruits this season.

Spring onions - these were my cooking leftovers that I planted today in a pot. In a few days , new growth will dramatically be seen soon.

The shrubs of the peonies & lilies overshadow the salad greens.

The salad greens in a raised bed.

potted bell pepper 


When gardening, I seldom wear gloves...

I just need to feel the dirt in my hands and that makes me smile!

 Hope you enjoy the pics. 

 Happy weekend!