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a weekend full of flowers

I´ve had an inspiring time in my household last weekend.... I was able 
to make a 30-minute walk at the same time tagging along my camera ( as usual)
 to the kiosk to get  the morning paper. 

 I could drive and get the morning paper in 10 minutes by car  as I told
 you before..... but  yeah, it´s a 30 minute  walk of excuse and   "dragging" 
my feet,   it´s healthy and is a good exercise...  

The field I´d like to present to you is not new, I had a blog on this last year...
It´s actually just a small area of the field near our home and it´s planted with 
gladiolas and sunflowers every summer.

Anyone would just have to pick or cut their own favorite colors..
You pay what you cut, the price for the flower quantity is 
written on a bulletin board and a coin box and cutters are provided on
 the spot. No cashiers, no guards...honesty is the best policy.

There are many of such fields in our district ... and because we
 are surrounded  by  wheatfields and  cornfields,  we´re
 blessed  that farmers initiated such project. So as to say,  we the locals
 get to enjoy the colors and the fun of picking our own flowers...

My weekend was full of cut flowers... after the walk,  I cut a few gladiolas 
with different colors buds of which were still close. After a day, 
all the buds on  stalks/stems begun to open like popping out of it´s shell..

The sunflowers are still coping with its own buds, normally  at this time, they 
should already be in full bloom...hmmm,  maybe in a couple of days,
 they would start showing up too!

Since I came back from my holiday, my dog´s yellow
 rosebush never ceases to  produce buds... 

That´s why whenever  new blooms were there,  I cut and make an
 arrangement like this...

My weekend at home was spent productively  & nicely...... 
thanks  to the flower inspirations!