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of roses and ondori crochet patterns

It had been a sunny day last Thursday , my last day of the week in the office. I was really looking forward to my weekly TGIF plans which are my food shopping and the other things
chores I planned for the weekend. 

Friday had been a disaster (!)... surprisingly,  I couldn´t start the Xtrail... it was the battery I supposed and it really gave me the blues (!!!),  we also had a medical appointment that afternoon and for goodness sake who would schedule a doc´s appointment on a Friday when most if not all business offices close at 2 pm ...?

I called up the Touring Club and they sent us a technician to recharge the battery. We had a tight day, so many things to get done... so we rushed to the club´s premises and after waiting for more than an hour, we had the old one replaced by new maintenance-free battery. It cost us 130.-Euros which I think  was expensive :-(

Afterwards, I went food shopping and I treated myself to a freshly  cut bunch of pink roses to cheer up my day! I Put them in a flower vase and decorated the table using the tablecloth I crocheted myself some years back. I guess the rose vignette is pretty! 

The tablecloth featured here was crocheted when I was commuting by train to work in the 90´s.  It was a long ride for about 45 minutes.

I got the motif from one of two Ondori Crochet Books given to me by my japanese boss  when he and his family went home to Tokyo for a holiday.

The cloth can also be used as bedspread for a single bed. It has a total of 66 squares crocheted together and sort of framed by a border.

 I really can´t remember how long it took me to finish this, but I was crocheting this while on the train...

When the size of the cloth had been bigger, I stopped working on this in the train since I couldn´t handle it´s volume anymore... so I finished it at home... 

When I was finishing this at home, I was working on a new Ondori motif in the train and so my hands were not left idle on the way to work .. I will show you the other one next time...

These roses made my Friday and by just looking at them, my traffic stress on that afternoon to and from the doctor´s slowly drifted away..


I would love to read your comments, you´re welcome
 to ask questions too!

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