Challenging Arts & Crafts

the organic fresh produce

During our vacation in Spain, we were constantly surprised by our spanish neighbour, who is also our mason and brought us the veggies and fruits he harvested from his finca. 

His finca (farm) is just about a hundred meters from our house. He is cultivating his land of about 20 thousands squares meter with lots of various trees, avocados, olives, mango and many more..

In short, he is self sufficient and all the veggies he is cultivating are organic as well as the fertilizers he is using..manures and all insecticide to eradicate the parasites in all his plants.

.....and so we had fresh produce in some of the days..

As we live up the hills, we need not go to the Supermarket to buy veggies and fresh fruits... Market day in our area takes place on Mondays.

If our mason isn´t working, you can surely find him building his house below us or he is tending to his farm like here in the pic below.

lemon tree with lots of fruits

When we were invited to his  house which is still undergoing consatruction, I saw his artistic work done in each of the corner of the house and he is doing it alone by himself without the help of anyone.

We were lucky to have him as we just have to call him by phone and if he´s available, he would surely work on some small projects in our house to our full satisfaction... Below is his house still going under construciton. It´s full of artistic really is!!!

Til  then..enjoy your Sunday!